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Most people travelling from the UK to France by road arrive in Calais. As a result, the area of the Pas de Calais is one of the easiest and most popular destinations to visit. The area offers a variety of coastal and rural scenery, a selection of charming towns and many interesting attractions. Trips can include cost free visits to historic and picturesque locations both on the coast and inland, all with great educational, cultural or entertainment value.

Sample Itinerary

This is a broad outline to help you plan your tour. Specifics will depend on your pupils’ requirements and the time you arrive in and leave France. We’d be delighted to talk to you about your travel options, so if you have any questions, just get in touch.

Day 1

Travel via the short sea crossing at Dover/Folkestone and visit Ambleteuse museum en-route.


Cultural visits in the morning, such as a visit to a goat farm, snail farm, cheese making, sweet making or bread making, followed by an afternoon at the waterpark.

Day 3

Morning visit to La Coupole followed by afternoon visits to Vimy Ridge Memorial, trenches and Wellington Quarry.

Day 4

If timing is right, a visit to a typical French market before heading home.

Visits And Excursions

Each group will have its own special interests and curricular needs. That’s why every visit can be completely tailored around you. You’ll find some suggestions below, but you can always call us to discuss more options.

Rondo Recommends:

A - Art & Architecture | C - Culture | G - Geography | H - History | L - Leisure | P - Performing Arts | Sc - Science, Tech & Engineering | G - General Tourist Attraction

La Coupole

La Coupole

H Sc G

This massive World War II bunker was where the first V2 rockets were launched. Students can learn all about the relationship between science and the war, as well as about the universe in the state of the art planetarium.




Prominent in both the First and Second World Wars, Arras has many top attractions dedicated to the history of both wars, such as La Carriere Wellington and the Wellington Quarry Memorial.




Six miles north of Arras is the town of Vimy. History students will find it valuable to visit Vimy Ridge, where the battle took place during the First World War and see the memorial which is dedicated to the Canadian soldiers who lost their lives there.

Le Succès Berckois - (Click for more information)

Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

This is a great opportunity in Berck Plage to take part in the making of traditional sweets.

Farms And Food Producers - (Click for more information)

Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

There are many food producers in the region that offer great hands on activities and demonstrations. Some of our favourites include the Goats cheese farm in Le Chevremarie and the Boulangeri-Patisserie near Hardelot, but there are many more opportunities to learn more about French food first hand. For more ideas about great foodie excursions, just give us a call or visit the guide to Calais.

Boulangerie Maillard - (Click for more information)

The favourite school bakery visit for many years.

Aqualud - (Click for more information)

Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

This is the water park on the sea front in Le Touquet.

Wellington Quarry - (Click for more information)

Art and Architecture Culture History General Tourist Attraction

Part of a network of tunnels learn how the troops tunnelled their way behind enemy lines before having to finally come out and face the enemy.

Ambleteuse Museum - (Click for more information)

History General Tourist Attraction

Located to just south of Calais, this museum has a collection of World War II uniforms, weapons and other military equipment.

Berck Plage - (Click for more information)

Berck is a medium sized seaside resort that has safe beaches, with sand dunes and sand yachting. The centre of the town is compact and has a good selection of small shops that can encourage your students to go in and use their French. The supermarkets are on the outskirts and there is a market on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. On the sea front there is a sports centre that offers swimming, bowling and skating.

Bouolgne - (Click for more information)

Boulogne is one of the most important fishing ports in France and has an historic heart in the Old City. The popular market takes place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings in the commercial heart of the town, which is now largely pedestrianised. The Old Town is a walled citadel and dominates the modern town from its commanding position around the cathedral. As well as the interesting port and popular beach, Boulogne is also blessed by being the home of the French National Sea Life Centre NAUSICAA, which is situated by the beach, next to the indoor swimming pool. Not far to the north along the coast is the small town of Ambleteuse with its 1939 -1945 War Museum. This well-run museum offers prizes to the young visitors who complete their quiz successfully.

Calais - (Click for more information)

For most people from Britain, Calais is just a gateway to France, but it is really worth a proper visit. It has its own character, history and architecture, as well as being where the famous lace is produced. Calais has its own market, beach and the bustle of a busy port. With excellent transport links, getting to and from other destinations is very easy.

Le Touquet - (Click for more information)

Also known as Paris Plage because of its popularity in former times as the playground of Parisians. The wide promenade leads to a beach, which is wide and safe enough for sand yachting, but also offers dunes for playing in. On the promenade is the popular water park of Aqualud. The shopping area set back from the promenade has a variety of small, typically French shops. Inland, the town is surrounded by forests and as you enter the town you pass the elegant Casino and Palais des Congrès.

Merlimont - (Click for more information)

This is a small seaside town between Berck Plage and Le Touquet. There is a selection of small shops along the road that leads to the large expanse of beach.

Stella Plage - (Click for more information)

Stella Plage is a small seaside resort only three kilometres from Le Touquet and noted for its beach and dunes as well as its surrounding forests.

Boulogne Swimming - (Click for more information)

A traditional indoor pool by the beach in Boulogne.

Boulogne Ice Skating - (Click for more information)

A recent opening on the edge of the town. The centre also has a swimming pool for those who do not want to skate.

Opalaventure - (Click for more information)

This is an adventure park with zip wires, tree walks and other fun activities. There are very strict safety standards.

Agincourt - (Click for more information)


Your group can visit the battlefield itself and visit the Centre Historique Médiéval of Agincourt which will give your group more insight into the battle.

Bagatelle - (Click for more information)

Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

This a well-established theme park with rides suitable for all ages.

Calais - (Click for more information)

The CES youth centre is well placed close to the beach and within easy walking distance of the town centre. It offers en suite facilities shared between two rooms with electronic locking from either side.

Ambleteuse - (Click for more information)

This is a village of bungalows with a central dining room and activities area. It is set in its own grounds on the inland side of this coastal town between Boulogne and Calais. All units have en suite facilities.

Boulogne Sur Mer - (Click for more information)

The youth hostel in this popular town was built as a Climat de France hotel and retains that configuration with en suite facilities, a lift, a bar and a recreation room. It is conveniently located within walking distance of the town centre.

Le Touquet - (Click for more information)

Set on the edge of the forest is the ever popular Hippotel, which offers stylish accommodation with en suite facilities and lots of leisure opportunities. Hurry with this one, as it is very popular and books up early.

Merlimont Plage - (Click for more information)

Les Argouisers is a well-run youth centre offering good facilities and easy access to the dunes and the beach. There is also plenty of room to play, both inside and out.

Stella Plage - (Click for more information)

The Stella Maris Centre has long been popular with groups who can enjoy the closeness of the nearby sands. There is a large dining hall which can be used for other gatherings too.

Berck Plage - (Click for more information)

Cottage des Dunes is the most southerly of our accommodation is very traditional and well located within the town, giving easy walking access to the shops, the beach and leisure facilities. It has been popular with returning groups for many years.