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Bavaria is the largest state in Germany, stretching from Würzburg at its north westerly point all the way to the Czech Republic in the east and Austria in the south. Rich in culture, history and technology, Bavaria has so much more to interest school groups besides the obvious language benefits for German students.

The capital, Munich, is home to some of the most significant art works in the world which is housed in some world class galleries. One of the oldest and most important is the Alte (old) Pinakothek. Eighteenth to twentieth century art is housed in the Neue Pinakothek, whilst Germany’s biggest museum of modern art is the Pinakothek der Moderne.

With historically significant sites throughout the region, from the Nuremburg parade grounds to the concentration camp at Dachau, history students will find Bavaria an illuminating and worthwhile trip. Whilst technology and design students can visit the many factories of the great German car manufacturers.


Many schools prefer to travel by coach to enable them to explore further afield and perhaps combine the trip with a stay in Nuremburg. Travel by air is also very popular now and we are able to provide excellent transport options in Germany.

A suggested itinerary by coach might be:

Day 1

Overnight travel to Munich.

Day 2

Visit the BMW plant and Museum. Visit the Olympic Park .

Day 3

Visit Neuschwanstein to learn about ‘Mad’ King Ludwig. Also visit his Linderhof. Palace at Ettal and the historic passion play town of Oberammergau.

Day 4

Dachau Concentration camp, Nuremberg Rally Grounds and Documentation Centre.

Day 5

Travel home with visit en-route.

Visits And Excursions

Each group will have its own special interests and curricular needs, that’s why every visit can be completely tailored around you. You’ll find some suggestions below, but you can always call us to discuss more options.

Rondo Recommends:

A - Art & Architecture | C - Culture | G - Geography | H - History | L - Leisure | P - Performing Arts | Sc - Science, Tech & Engineering | G - General Tourist Attraction

Nuremberg Parade Ground And Documentation Centre

Nuremberg Parade Ground And Documentation Centre


Nuremberg was noted for being Hitler’s headquarters where he rallied his supporters. The exhibition areas have been structured chronologically to tell the story of the rise of Nazism. Students can get a sense of the causes, context and consequences of Nazism during this moving and thought provoking visit.

The BMW Plant And Museum

The BMW Plant And Museum

Sc G

It is possible to book a guided tour of the BMW plant and the adjacent BMW experience museum, for a fascinating insight into automotive manufacturing.

The Olympic Park

The Olympic Park


The Olympic Park, built in Munich for the 1972 Olympic Games now has many uses, from sport and business to concerts and exhibitions. A guided tour will show you behind the scenes of its construction and use. You can even take a tour of the architecture and construction from the roof of the stadium!

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle


This is the iconic fairy tale castle of King Ludwig II that so epitomises Bavaria. Every year over a million people visit the castle of the Fairytale king.

The German Museum - (Click for more information)

History Science, Technology and Engineering General Tourist Attraction

This wide ranging museum exhibits over 100,000 items of the best of German engineering designs and developments, and should inspire all budding engineers.

Audi Forum - (Click for more information)

History Science, Technology and Engineering General Tourist Attraction

At the heart of the town of Ingolstadt is the Audi factory and museum, which tells their entire history with many examples of their models down the years. Both can be visited with a guide by prior appointment.

Dachau Concentration Camp - (Click for more information)


As early as 1933 Hitler had set up Dachau for political prisoners. Throughout its 12 year operation it was responsible for over 200,000 deaths. In 1965 the site became a memorial to those who lost their lives there, in the hope that such atrocities would never be repeated.

Nymphenburg Palace

Art and Architecture Culture History General Tourist Attraction

This palace to the west of the city was the summer residence of the Bavarian monarchs. It is noted for its collection of art and it’s lavishly appointed rooms.

Mercedes Benz Museum - (Click for more information)

History Science, Technology and Engineering General Tourist Attraction

In the city where Mercedes Benz was born it is possible to visit this outstanding museum. From the top of the building you make your way down a helix and will discover the origins of the petrol engines of the entire range of Mercedes-Benz products throughout the world, from earth movers to Formula 1.

Mercedes Benz Factory

History Science, Technology and Engineering General Tourist Attraction

If time allows we can also arrange for a guided technical visit to the plant where Mercedes cars are made at Sindelfingen, about 17 miles from the museum.

Porsche Museum - (Click for more information)

History Science, Technology and Engineering General Tourist Attraction

The Porsche Museum is on the same site as the factory and your group will learn about the development and evolution of the Porsche brand from the Beetle to the latest saloons and four wheel drives.

Linderhof Palace - (Click for more information)

Art and Architecture Culture History General Tourist Attraction

Not far from Oberammergau, this retreat of Mad King Ludwig houses an astonishing collection of his indulgences, beautiful gardens and awe inspiring water features.

Memorium Nuremberg Trials - (Click for more information)


The courtroom used in the Nuremberg trials of war criminals can now be visited and used as an invaluable educational resource for those studying the aftermath of the Second World War.

Oberammergau - (Click for more information)

Culture History General Tourist Attraction

Since 1634, a passion play has been performed here every ten years to give thanks for deliverance from the plague. Given the scale of the summer-long undertaking and the participation of the entire village, Oberammergau has become famous throughout the world. You can also visit the open-air theatre and technical tours are available.


Art and Architecture Culture History Leisure Activity Performing Arts General Tourist Attraction

Although this excursion takes us into Austria, there is so much to enjoy there. The city, its castles and gardens are a unique blend of history and culture. See where Mozart was born and walk in the steps of the Von Trapp family. On the way there you can visit salt mines and the Eagles Nest site at Berchtesgarten.

Christmas Markets

Culture Leisure Activity

Munich and Nuremberg have notable Christmas Markets so why not combine your tour with one or both of them by travelling in December?

A and O Hostels

When visiting city centres, we find that the consistent quality and standards of the A & O Hostel network suits our customers very well. You have clean spacious rooms, private facilities, and a good breakfast - all at a reasonable price.

In Munich we would recommend the Hauptbahnhof hostel, with convenient access to the city centre and public transport.

In Nuremberg, the hostel is also conveniently located by the railway station and gives good access to sites of interest, the town centre and the Christmas Market.

For those of you who go on to Stuttgart, the hostel here is only about a mile from the station which is in the centre of the town.