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History School Trips to Berlin

Since the wall came down in 1989 Berlin has regained its rightful role as the capital of a united Germany. In the years since then, there has been no shortage of investment to invigorate the whole city into the vibrant cultural hub it is today. As the site of such significant historical events, Berlin is inundated with restored monuments and buildings like the Brandenburg Gate, with many world class museums such as the one at Check Point Charlie.

With a varied and fascinating history spanning the entire 20th century, Berlin will provide an absorbing journey for history students. But with so much more to offer groups of all disciplines, with its art, theatre, and music, it is no wonder that Berlin has become a top destination for youth groups.

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Berlin History Tour Sample Itinerary

There are two transport options to consider when taking a Berlin school history trip ferry and coach or flying direct. 

Travelling by coach to Berlin can take up to 14 hours from Calais, depending on the frequency and duration of stops. This is possible with two drivers if you live within easy reach of Dover. Those living further away will need to perhaps travel through the night or allow for overnight stops at both ends of their itinerary.

We can arrange flights, transfers and public transport tickets as required.

A typical itinerary might look like this:

Day 1

  • Travel to Berlin

Day 2

  • A guided tour of the city taking in major sites of 20th century history, the traditional landmarks and possibly a guided walk at the more interesting sites. A guided tour of Templerhof Airport and a visit to the Reichstag Dome are equally fascinating.

Day 3

  • A visit to Potsdam and the Wannsee. Potsdam has the history and tradition of the Sans Souci Palace and the 20th century history of the Glenicke Bridge and the World War II peace conference. The Wannsee is the leisure park between Potsdam and Berlin.

Day 4

Day 5

  • Depart for home.

Visits And Excursions

Each group will have its own special interests to add to our introductory itinerary or to replace it completely. Take a look at our suggestions below to get some ideas. We would be happy to chat to you about further options.

Rondo Recommends:

A - Art & Architecture | C - Culture | G - Geography | H - History | L - Leisure | P - Performing Arts | Sc - Science, Tech & Engineering | G - General Tourist Attraction

Checkpoint Charlie

Checkpoint Charlie


This was the most infamous crossing point of the cold war. Being in the heart of the city, Checkpoint Charlie was so close to houses on both sides that it was seen as a daring target for escape. This powerful museum shows how people tried to escape from the east both successfully and unsuccessfully.

The Wall

The Wall


There are traces of the wall throughout the city, and it is possible to follow for much of its length marked by brass studs set in the pavement.

The Holocaust Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial


Close to the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag is the impressive memorial to the fallen Jews. Walking amongst these towering blocks of varying heights on undulating ground certainly provokes thought and reflection.

Walking Tours

Often the best way of exploring a new city is on foot and our partners in Berlin offer a superb range of walks to suit specific interests. The guides themselves are specially chosen to communicate well in English and relate well to young people, with most being British or completely bi-lingual.

The Berlin Story - (Click for more information)

Culture History General Tourist Attraction

This is a dramatic and challenging presentation of the 20th century history of the city from the viewpoint of the inhabitants and the effects that the war had on them. It is also possible to visit the underground bunker prepared to keep people safe in the event of a nuclear attack.

The Brandenburg Gate - (Click for more information)

Art and Architecture Culture History General Tourist Attraction

The Brandenburg Gate is to Berlin what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. No visit to the city would be complete without seeing it. Unter den Linden that leads up to it has its own place in history.

The Reichstag - (Click for more information)

Culture History General Tourist Attraction

A wonderful symbol of reconciliation, this building was built for the newly unified Germany in 1871, but fell into disrepair during the time of socialist control. The British architect Norman Foster was responsible for the restoration and additions to the building after reunification in 1989. You can visit the new parts of the building but advanced booking is obligatory as security is high.

Museum Island - (Click for more information)

Art and Architecture Culture History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

With five museums clustered together, Museum Island is a unique World Heritage Site. With collections ranging from ancient archaeology to modern art, there is something for everyone here amongst these world renowned museums.

River Cruise

Art and Architecture Culture History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

Various excursions are available through the waterways of the city centre, so ask us about the one that best suits your party.

Kufurstendam - (Click for more information)

Art and Architecture Culture Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

This is the most well-known shopping area of the former West Berlin and includes the KDW store (a German Harrods) and the Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church.

Charlottenburg Palace - (Click for more information)

Art and Architecture Culture Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

At the outer end of the Kufürstendam is the 17th century royal palace of Charlottenburg with its history of the Prussian royal family, works of art and furnished baroque rooms.

Potsdam - (Click for more information)

Art and Architecture Culture Geography History Leisure Activity Performing Arts Science, Technology and Engineering General Tourist Attraction

Twenty or so miles to the south west of Berlin is the town of Potsdam. A day here will introduce you to Prussian history, the history and peace of World War II, German colonialism and the German film industry. The jewel in the crown of Potsdam is the 18th century palace and gardens of Frederick the Great’s Sans Souci palace. But there is also the Glienicke Bridge, where spies and agents met from east and west during the Second World War; the Cecilienhof Palace, where leaders met to discuss and agree the peace deal; the Amsterdam quarter, which tells of Dutch involvement in the town; and the Babelsberg film studios, which tell the history of film making in Germany. It is even possible to sail back from Potsdam under the Glienicke Bridge on the Wannsee with a commentary of what you see from the lake.

Wannsee House - (Click for more information)

Art and Architecture Culture History General Tourist Attraction

The villa on the Lakeside where the Nazis met to decide on the annihilation of the Jews. See the actual records of the discussions that took place.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp - (Click for more information)

Art and Architecture Culture History General Tourist Attraction

Just outside Berlin and best reached by coach, with our guide learn how tens of thousands perished at the hands of the Nazis in appallingly brutal conditions. This camp became a training ground for the SS and the site of the headquarters of the whole concentration camp system.

Wittenberg - (Click for more information)

Art and Architecture Culture History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

Always known as Luther’s town, a visit here will give your group first-hand experience of where Martin Luther nailed his proclamation against the Catholic Church and began the protestant movement. The historic and cultural significance of these events in the western civilisations is immeasurable and best learnt about where it all began.

Marienborn Border Memorial - (Click for more information)

Culture History General Tourist Attraction

Those approaching Berlin by road may well want to show their students the reality of life in a divided Germany. Nowhere is this more explicit than in a visit to the border check point where people could be held for days whilst papers and vehicles were checked. You can also visit a border guard post where the random building of a fence split families, and young soldiers were expected to shoot their relatives if they attempted to cross the line.

All types of accommodation are available in a capital city. We can offer whichever style and location you wish, but here are a few of our favourites to help you choose.

City Light - (Click for more information)

Conveniently located for parking and with transport links close to Gesundbrunnen stations and shops, our partners in this hotel are well used to hosting groups of young people and their hotel is run with them in mind. It is a good hotel with well-maintained facilities, spacious rooms and superb recreational and study areas available. The breakfast is wide ranging and without restriction. Evening meals are available by booking in advance.

A & O Hauptbahnhof - (Click for more information)

The A & O group of private hostels has grown over the last twenty years, and have an excellent reputation for safety and quality. This new hostel, within easy walking distance of the new Central Station is no exception, there’s even a cafeteria on the top floor. This is a high class option for those wanting to mix with German students.

Meininger Hauptbahnhof - (Click for more information)

Also located by Central Station but on the city side, this private hostel has views over the Spree and the Reichstag. There is another opportunity to mix with German students. The rooms are less spacious, but all have the comfort and quality facilities you expect in a modern hostel.

Hotel Kolumbus - (Click for more information)

This is a good quality hotel that takes business and sports people on a regular basis. When space allows, they are happy to take groups of young people. As a school group you will be living in luxury here and its location is approximately 20 minutes to the east of the centre.