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Rhine And Mosel Valleys

Most school groups see the Rhine Valley as a natural starting point to make their students aware of German life and culture. As a result this is the most popular destination in Germany. The river Rhine flows all the way through Germany from the Swiss border in the south to the Dutch border in the west. The area known as the Rhineland to British tourists is the stretch of the river from Rüdesheim to the north of Koblenz. The Rhine Valley is a gorge with vineyards and castles adorning its steep slopes. The Germans know the area as the Romantic Rhine, as it is steeped in legend and history, as well being extremely attractive. For us, the best way to appreciate the river is from a river cruise boat.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Travel to Germany with a stop in Köln if time allows.

Day 2

You can take the cable car to the Niederwald Denkmal from Rüdesheim and then walk through the vineyards to take the chair lift down into Asmannshausen, before catching the ferry back to Rüdesheim along the river. Back in Rüdesheim you will have time to visit the fascinating collection of instruments in Siegfried’s mechanical Music Cabinet. Returning down river you pass the legendary Loreley Rock with its visitor centre before taking the ferry across the river you can visit the popular riverside town of Boppard with its all year round Christmas Shop. This resort also offers outdoor swimming and another chairlift ride to see the river from the other side. Alternatively you can cruise past the Loreley to arrive directly in Boppard along the river.

Day 3

Explore the Mosel Valley today with a visit to Burg Eltz followed by some time in Cochem. Visit the Castle and possibly go swimming. On the way back try out some wine (juice) tasting.

Day 4

A day at leisure in Phantasialand theme park.

Day 5

Travel home with a stop at Aachen.

Visits And Excursions

Each group will have its own special interests and curricular needs, that’s why every visit can be completely tailored around you. You’ll find some suggestions of excursions below that you can fill days 2, 3 and 4 with, as best suits you, but you can always talk to us to discuss more options. If you have a particular excursion in mind that we haven’t mentioned, or would just like to know more, then give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss more options with you.

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Rhine Cruise

Rhine Cruise


The classical way to enjoy the Rhine is from the river itself. Trips of varying lengths are available from different starting points. Choose a linear or circular tour as best suits you, but try not miss the legendary Loreley as seen by the tempted sailors.




Köln is the most important city in this part of Germany. Its historic cathedral dominates the landscape and is close by to the traditional old town on the riverside. From the end of November to the end of the year there are many Christmas Markets of various sizes dotted across the centre of the city. This is an ideal planned stop on your journey to the Rhineland. All year round attractions include the Chocolate Museum and the Olympic Museum.

Burg Eltz

Burg Eltz


Burg Eltz is probably the best known castle on the Mosel and is always a favourite with school groups.

Mosel Cruise - (Click for more information)

Culture Geography History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

A round trip on the Mosel is possible from Cochem and will take you about an hour and a half including a detailed commentary about the fortifications, the vineyards and the landscape.

Siegfried’s Mechanical Music Museum - (Click for more information)

Culture Geography History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

The characterful and colourful Siegfried Wendel began collecting mechanical instruments that play themselves shortly after he was married and now has more than 350 working pieces on display for you to enjoy.

The Loreley - (Click for more information)

Culture Geography History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

The legend of the Loreley is known throughout the world. As well as admiring this alluring sight from the river, a visit to the site itself allows for greater understanding of the history, culture and myth of the Loreley. The visitor centre is informative and has spectacular views of the Rhine with its vineyards and barge traffic.

Round Trip (Ring Ticket) - (Click for more information)

Culture History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

This is a great way to spend half a day appreciating different aspects of the Rhine Valley. From Rüdesheim, you take the cable car over the vineyards to the Niederwalddenkmal, then walk back down through the vineyards to Assmannshausen before taking the ferry back to Rüdesheim.

Marksburg Castle - (Click for more information)

Culture History General Tourist Attraction

This is the only castle on the Rhine that has never been destroyed and it has been inhabited for over 700 years.

Koblenz - (Click for more information)

Culture Geography History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

The town of Koblenz stands at the confluence of the Rhine and the Mosel rivers. The confluence is dominated by the fortifications of Ehrenbreitstein, which is well worth a visit. Cable car access was installed for the National Flower Festival in 2011. Both the cable car and the site give unrivalled views of the confluence and offer an excellent geography resource. There is also an excellent youth hostel within the fortifications.

Cochem - (Click for more information)

Culture Geography History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

At the heart of the Mosel valley, Cochem is a great destination for your day out. As well as the starting point for the Mosel cruise, there is the small town, the castle and the swimming pool to visit.

Rüdesheim - (Click for more information)

Culture Geography History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

Rüdesheim is probably the best known town in the Rhine Valley. Its bustling waterfront, quaint alleyways (including the lively ‘Drosselgasse’), its chairlift access to the vineyards and the unmistakeable landmark of the Niederwalddenkmal.

Trier - (Click for more information)

Culture History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

Germany’s Roman city is well known for its heritage and the dominant Porta Nigra. Before reaching Trier, the Mosel flows through Luxemburg so this frontier town has strategic as well as historic significance as the German limit of the Mosel Valley.

Vineyards and Tasting

Culture Geography Leisure Activity Science, Technology and Engineering General Tourist Attraction

In both the Rhine and Mosel valleys it is possible to organise visits to vineyards with explanation of the wine making process and a chance to taste grape juice or wine as is age appropriate. There are many tasting opportunities available, so if you’re interested just give us a call to see which would work best for your group.

Phantasialand - (Click for more information)

Culture Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

The Rhineland’s theme park always proves popular with students when the teachers think they have earned a day of fun on the rides.

Aachen - (Click for more information)

Art and Architecture Culture History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

Alternatively known as Aix la Chapelle, this border town is known to historians for its treaties. Its cathedral, origins associated with Charlemagne, and being one of Germany’s first spa towns all combine to make this an interesting stop on your way back from the Rhineland. In the winter it has a very popular Christmas Market and the youth hostel here fills up quickly in that season.

With an area as widespread as the Rhine and Mosel valleys, we can only give a selection of the possible accommodations available. Here are some of the most popular around the central area, with access down both valleys.

Boppard l’Europe - (Click for more information)

This is good quality accommodation for youth groups. It is on the edge of the town of Boppard and the Rhine laps at its foundations. Groups can have their own area of the hotel and there are plenty of rooms for socialising and learning. The panoramic dining room is directly next to the river.

Bad Salzig Apostelhof - (Click for more information)

The small spa town of Bad Salzig is next to the Rhine to the south of Boppard. Apostelhof is a family run traditional hotel offering hearty food and a heartier welcome. They also have their own bowling alley!

Bad Salzig Zur Alten Post - (Click for more information)

Also in Bad Salzig, Zur Alten Post offers an annex for the exclusive use of school groups. You can be self-contained, whilst taking your meals in the main building directly across the street. Being independent and having the whole building to yourselves, you can use the public areas for socialising or teaching.

Koblenz Scholz - (Click for more information)

For those who prefer a larger town, the Scholz family run their hotel on one of the main roads leading out towards the Mosel Valley. This hotel will give your students the opportunity to meet with other German school groups.

Koblenz Youth Hostel - (Click for more information)

This large and well run hostel offers plenty of opportunities to mix with German young people. It also has two unique features: the terrace in front of the hostel gives unrivalled views of the Rhine-Mosel confluence and the only access is on foot through the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein

Kamp Bornhofen Wagner - (Click for more information)

On the eastern shore of the Rhine, the Wagner hotel has been successfully run by the same family for many years. It offers traditional Rhineland hospitality but has the unique feature of benefiting from Austrian furnishing influences. Another interesting aspect of this hotel is that it is built into the hillside, so has safety exits at all levels.

Andernach Zum Anker - (Click for more information)

This splendid hotel sits majestically overlooking the gardens on the bank of the Rhine. As Andernach is a larger town, this hotel sits quietly by the river but with easy walking access to the centre of the town.

Aachen Youth Hostel - (Click for more information)

Being on the Dutch border, Aachen is the easiest destination for a quick taste of Germany. Also the Christmas Markets here are very popular. With this being a very popular hostel, and demand for this period being so high, you need to book early!