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Best known as the site of the Battle of Arnhem during the Second World War as part of Operation Market Garden, this destination has huge significance for history students. However, Arnhem has a great deal to offer in terms of general awareness of Dutch life and culture and the tour can be extended to take this into account.


A basic itinerary would consist simply of three days.

First day

Travel to Arnhem.

Second Day

Visit the Airborne Museum and National Liberation Museum followed by the Open Air Museum.

Last day

Travel home with a visit en-route.

Extra days can easily be added according to which of the additional excursions you choose to include, and you could combine a stay in Arnhem with a stay in Ypres and Somme.

Visits and Excursions

Each group will have its own special interests and curricular needs. That’s why every visit can be completely tailored around you. You’ll find some suggestions below, but you can always call us to discuss more options.

Rondo Recommends:

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Airborne Museum

Airborne Museum


Arnhem is the name most closely associated with the ‘Bridge Too Far’ expedition of the British paras in 1944. This excellent museum illustrates in detail how the raid was planned, carried out and why it failed so badly. The consequences are shown from both a military and civilian point of view. The education department of the museum, in the Hartenstein Villa headquarters of the British Command in 1944, offers fully equipped classroom facilities, courses and guides to visit the cemeteries and the sites integral during Operation Market Garden.

Burgers’ Zoo

Burgers’ Zoo

G L Sc G

This family owned and run zoo offers the opportunity to experience different environments from around the world, as well as the exotic animals that inhabit them.

Not only will you travel through the tropical rainforest, the rocky deserts of Arizona and the savannah of East Africa, but you will also experience a tropical coral reef and the Southeast-Asian jungle.

Open Air Museum

Open Air Museum


Not far from Burgers’ zoo is the Dutch Open Air Museum, which offers your students the opportunity to experience Dutch life through the ages. The Museum keeps the traditional Dutch way of life going, with demonstrations of artisan crafts, various forms of windmills, typical farmhouses and much more. Heritage trams also operate throughout the site to help you get about whilst experiencing transport from a bygone era.

Hoge Veluwe National Park - (Click for more information)

Culture Geography Leisure Activity Science, Technology and Engineering General Tourist Attraction

Eight kilometres north of Arnhem lies Hoge Veluwe, the largest National Park in the Netherlands. Spread over 13,800 acres, it’s the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands home to vast array of wildlife. Inside the park you will also find the Kröller-Müller Museum and sculpture park (one of the largest in Europe). With works by Rodin and Noore, as well as the second largest Van Goth collection in the world, a visit here has much to offer art students as well as those wanting to simply enjoy the stunning scenery and wildlife.

National Liberation Museum - (Click for more information)

Culture History General Tourist Attraction

Set in the beautiful landscape near Arnhem and the border of Germany, this museum brings the historical events of the Second World War to life through interactive presentations, smells, sounds and original films. Focusing on the importance of democracy, freedom and rights this is an excellent museum to visit as part of a history trip.

As with other locations in the Netherlands, we are happy to offer the StayOkay accommodation of the Dutch Youth Hostel Association. This hostel is well situated in beautiful parkland and offers all the usual facilities, with private bathrooms for each room and plenty of space to meet for lessons or relaxing.