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Practice and learn Spanish in the natural paradise of Asturias!

Have you ever visited Northern Spain? Asturias, with 345 kilometres of coastline along the Bay of Biscay and Picos de Europa National Park, is the ideal combination of culture, nature, sports and gastronomy. It is also known as the Green Coast and Natural Paradise of Spain!

The three biggest cities of the region are Oviedo; Asturias’ capital, Gijón; shortlisted as European Destination of Excellence and Avilés; declared as a Historic-Artistic Site for its historic quarter. Asturias has numerous UNESCO-listed World Heritage Sites such as La Foncalada Fountain, the Holy Chamber of Oviedo Cathedral and five prehistoric Caves with Rock Art.

On this tour, you can visit the three largest cities of the region while practicing Spanish with the locals and experiencing first hand Spanish culture. This is also a great opportunity to try delicious food, learn Spanish and enjoy traditions most people don’t know even exist.

A new and fabulous region to discover, the Natural Paradise of Spain awaits you!

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Sample Itinerary -

Asturias can be reached with low cost flights from London. Santander is 2 hours away and alternatively, there are direct flights from Bristol or Manchester to Bilbao (2h 45m).

Tours are from 4 to 5 days on average. A suggested 5 day itinerary might look like this:

Day 1

Arrival at Asturias or Santander airport. Transfer by coach to a suitable accommodation and explore the area.

Day 2

Morning: 2 hour Spanish language course in Gijón followed by a visit to practice some Spanish with the locals at Gijón’s Southern Market - Mercado del Sur.

Day 3

Morning: 2 hour Spanish language course visiting the sights of Oviedo (Asturia’s capital) and practicing Spanish. Free time to grab some souvenirs or walk around the city.

Afternoon: Visit a famous and traditional Apple and Cider Factory: Sidra el Gaitero - Alcohol free ciders - Asturian cider is the only cider in the world that is poured into the glass from above your head - and only 1 gulp at a time!

Day 4

Enjoy a Surf, paddle surf and paddle surf XXL activity overlooking the Bay of Biscay.

Day 5

Visit the medieval centre of Avilés and Guided Tour to Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre. Flight back home.

Visits And Excursions

Each group will have its own special interests and curricular needs. That’s why every visit can be completely tailored around you. You’ll find some suggestions below, but you can always call us to discuss more options.

Rondo Recommends:

A - Art & Architecture | C - Culture | G - Geography | H - History | L - Leisure | P - Performing Arts | Sc - Science, Tech & Engineering | G - General Tourist Attraction

El Molinón Stadium Guided Tour

El Molinón Stadium Guided Tour


Explore with a Guided Tour of the oldest professional football stadium, home of Real Sporting de Gijon. You will visit the press room, changing rooms, benches, museum etc.

Spanish Lessons

Spanish Lessons

Enhance your Spanish with a lesson and then practice it with the locals as this is the perfect region where you won’t be surrounded by tourists. (¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? ¿Cuánto cuesta esa fruta?)
Ethnographic Museum of Quirós

Ethnographic Museum of Quirós

Ethnographic Museum of Quirós exhibits and reproduces the way Asturian rural communities lived in the past and the equipment (“preseos”) and machinery widely used in these mountain villages.
Niemeyer Centre

Niemeyer Centre

Walk around The Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre, a cultural centre complex, where its imposing size and its white, red and yellow exterior make it a highly visible landmark on Avilés’ landscape.
Bear Path Bike excursion

Bear Path Bike excursion


Enjoy 1-2 hours on bike over the Bear Path, one of the most beautiful green ways in Asturias.

Jurassic Museum in Asturias - (Click for more information)

Culture History General Tourist Attraction
Jurassic Museum of Asturias is a singular museum which, in the shape of a large tridactyl footprint of a dinosaur, houses one of the most complete and informative exhibitions worldwide regarding these fascinating reptiles.

Picos de Europa National Park - (Click for more information)

Culture Geography Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction
Visit Picos de Europa National Park and enjoy a walk or an adventure activity in this magnificent scenery.

Cheese Factory Guided Tour - (Click for more information)

Culture Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction
Visit the Cueva del Molín (Molín Cave), where one of the best DO Cabrales cheese is made using traditional artisan techniques. 

Dairy Factory Guided Tour - (Click for more information)

Culture Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction
Visit one of the biggest, most modern and innovative dairy factories in Europe, where you will see all the processes from collecting the milk through to the point that Central Lechera Asturiana products reach everyone’s home.

El Gaitero Cider Factory - (Click for more information)

Culture History Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction
Asturian cider is the only cider in the world that is poured and El Gaitero is more than just a brand and a factory, it symbolizes a family way of doing business, based on a raw material and product directly linked to the natural essence of the land of Asturias, the quintessential cradle of cider. The factory can be visited and is definitely worth discovering so as to understand the essence of Asturias and its history. They also do alcohol free ciders.

Hostel Casa de la Montaña - (Click for more information)

A lovely Asturian style House near to Picos de Europa National Park with 13 rooms distributed in single and twin rooms for the staff and 4-6-8 bedded rooms for the students.