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School Language Trip to Spain: Practice and learn Spanish in Cantabria!

Cantabria is a great choice for school trips where the students can have some Spanish lessons while visiting the local market in Santander and find many breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, such as rivers, valleys, caverns, caves, cliffs and beaches.

It is located in between Asturias and the Basque Country and its capital city is Santander; known for its long, curving El Sardinero Beach, and Cabo Mayor lighthouse. Santander offers elegant promenades and avenues (Pereda, Castelar or Reina Victoria). This charm city has managed to combine tradition and modernity, where nature plays the lead role in any space.

The region of Cantabria has an underground paradise with 6,500 known caves; 60 of these caves are fascinating examples of Palaeolithic cave art and 10 of these remarkable caves have been awarded World Heritage status by UNESCO such as El Soplao Cave with more than 20 km of tunnels. AMAZING!

A worth visit for your school group to put in practice their Spanish, see spectacular landscapes and visit the underground world!

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Sample Itinerary 

Cantabria can be reached with low cost flights from London Stansted and Edinburgh. Tours are from 4 to 5 days on average. A suggested 5 day itinerary might look like this:

Day 1

Arrival at Santander airport. Transfer by coach to a suitable accommodation and explore the area.

Day 2

Morning: 2 hour Spanish language course in Santander followed by a visit to practice some Spanish with the locals at Santander’s Market - Mercado de la Esperanza.

Afternoon: Free time to eat packed lunches at Paseo Peredo followed by a “Chocolate con Churros” afternoon treat! Afterwards walk and explore the Cabo Mayor Lighthouse.

Day 3

Visit to El Soplao Cave. Packed lunch in Santillana del Mar and free time to grab some souvenirs and walk around the village.

Afternoon: Visit to Comillas and El Capricho de Gaudí.

Day 4

Enjoy a Surf lesson for beginners while practicing your Spanish. Have your packed lunches and spend the rest of the day in Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabarceno where you can even take the cable car to be moved around.

Day 5

Enjoy the morning on the beach and flight back home.

Visits And Excursions

Each group will have its own special interests and curricular needs, that’s why every visit can be completely tailored around you. You’ll find some suggestions below, but you can always call us to discuss more options.


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Spanish Lessons

Spanish Lessons

Enhance your Spanish with a lesson and then practice it with the locals as this is another great region where you won’t be surrounded by tourists. (¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? ¿Cuánto cuesta esa fruta?)
Altamira cave

Altamira cave

The Cave of Altamira is a cave located near the historic town of Santillana del Mar. It is famous for its magnificent prehistoric paintings and engravings.


The lighthouse was built in 1839 and it is now a wonderful lookout point that offers stunning views of the entire city coastline. A great opportunity to take some picture and explore its paths.
Santillana del Mar

Santillana del Mar

Santillana del Mar is known for its medieval towers. The centre of the town is open only to pedestrians, so it is a good opportunity to let the students explore every shop.
El Capricho by Gaudí

El Capricho by Gaudí

El Capricho by Gaudí is a work of great originality and fantasy. This house belonging to Máximo Díaz de Quijano, was designed by Gaudí in the town of Comillas.

Soplao Cave - (Click for more information)

Culture Geography History General Tourist Attraction
The Soplao Cave is considered unique for the quality and quantity of geological formations in its 17 miles length, 6 of which are open to the public. In it are formations such as helictites and curtains.

Surf Lesson - (Click for more information)

Culture Leisure Activity

Cantabria, the pioneer of surfing in Spain, has over 220 kilometers of coastline where you will enjoy about 90 beaches for every taste.

Parque de la Naturaleza de Cabárceno - (Click for more information)

Culture Geography Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction

The natural park has more than 20 kilometres (12 mi) of roads cross the park, leading to gorges, lakes, and rock figures. It is home to a hundred animal species from five continents living in semi-free conditions. 

Forestal Park - (Click for more information)

Leisure Activity General Tourist Attraction
Forestal Park Santander is a great tree top adventure park which includes superb zip lines. It is located beside Cabo Mayor Lighthouse.

Maritime Museum - (Click for more information)

Culture Geography General Tourist Attraction
The Maritime Museum exhibits about local maritime heritage, whale skeletons, an aquarium & a restaurant with bay views.

Hotel Campoamor - (Click for more information)

a very nice 3 star hotel where you can enjoy Playa de La Arena on its doorsteps. It has 41 rooms distributed in quads and triple rooms for the students and twin and single rooms for the staff. Restaurant and chill out area as well as swimming pool, table tennis, padel tennis courts etc.

Other suitable accommodation available.