What is culture? We feel it is about experiencing and understanding something different, which is so important for students in order to develop a wider appreciation of the world and to enhance their learning.

Palace of Versaille

For many schools, this type of visit is labelled a “Language Tour“, but these can often be organised to cover many subjects or specific trip needs. Strasbourg is a great example of a destination where students can have a varied cultural experience; experiencing both the French and German culture whilst also taking in a visit such as Europa Park as a reward. But there are so many destinations to choose from.

To give you some ideas, take a look at some of our most popular destinations for Culture tours below. All Culture based tours are tailor made to ensure a relevant learning requirement for the subject or subjects involved. If you would like further advice or information about planning your perfect cultural trip then don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d be happy to help you.